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Lodel in a few words

This site presents Lodel, an open source software (GPLv2) developped by le Cléo.

Code is here :​OpenEdition/​lodel/​

Previous version are archived here : SourceSup .

The user documentation is in French and has not been updated Version 0.9 .

The technical doc is to be found here:​OpenEdition/​lodel/​wiki

You can install and test a preinstalled Virtual Machine:​downloads/​vms/​

The TEI XML schema for OpenEdition is here :​ns/​

The documentation for Open Edition formats are here :
for the XML/TEI schema :​OpenEdition/​tei.openedition
for the METS schema :​OpenEdition/​mets.openedition
for the Word template :​OpenEdition/​msword.openedition

Usage of Lodel in the context of the OpenEdition platform for humanities review publishing is described here​.

Contact : lodel _at_

Lodel in a nutshell…

Lodel is a web publishing system, configurable for specific needs. Lodel is installed on a (PHP) web server like many CMS, and used remotely with a web browser. It enables to collaborative and remote work (office, home, with distant teams).

Documents to be published may be prepared locally with a word-processor (MS Word, OpenOffice) or directly edited online. Lodel converts automatically Word or OpenOffice documents to XML/TEI by means of models. Lodel is particularly respectful of scientific edition conventions, such as footnotes, the structure of the text, the different character sets corresponding to non-latin languages, diacritical signs, small capitals, hard spaces.

According to appropriation principles, the software enables the editorial staff to upload the journal by himself, without having to be a computer specialist.

Lodel is compliant with the web standards (Dublin Core, RSS, OAI) and generates XML/TEI (P5) documents.

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